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Journal of Research in Education and Society

ISSN: 2141 - 6745ISSN: 2141 - 6745


Volume 1, Number 1, April 2010


Effects of Two Teaching Methods on Secondary School Students’ Agricultural Science Performance in Bauchi Metropolis, Nigeria
Abdullamid, A.

Adult Education and Industrialization in the Context of Nigeria’s Vision 20-2020
Adekola, G.

Effects of Discovery and Inquiry Approaches in Teaching and Learning of Biology on Secondary Schools Students’ Performance in Delta State, Nigeria
Oghenevwede, O. E

The Efficacy of “Video Teacher” in Instructional Delivery Process and Students’ performance in Calabar, Nigeria
Egbula, F.U

Social studies Education in a Multicultural Society as Nigeria: A Conceptual Analysis  
 Ireyofoju, J; Ireyefoju, J. (Jnr)

Adult Instructors’ Preference between Pedagogical and Andragogical teaching methodologies in selected Adult Education Programmes in Rivers State, Nigeria
Ibeh, A. E.

Teachers’ Bias in Assessment process in selected schools’ Subjects in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Abe, T.O

Stock Utilization Study based on use of Call Mark in Nigerian Universities
Aziagha, P. C; Akpan, U.H

Universal Basic Education as a Basis for Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Nwankwo, O.C

Gender and Academic performance of College Physics Students: A Case Study of Department of Physics/Computer Science Education, Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku, Nigeria
Alao, A. A; Abubakar, R. B

Fiber Optic Networking in Education: A Panacea for National Development in Nigeria
Rafindadi, S. M.

Unethical usage of Statistical Tools in Science Education Researches: The Way Out
Boris, O.O; IIugbusi, O.O

The Impact of Library Studies Course on Kogi State College of Education Students, Ankpa, Nigeria
Ogwu, M. F

Gender and Teacher Education in Nigeria
Patrick, O.

Parental and Peer Group Influence as Correlates of Career Choice in Humanities among Secondary School Students in Edo State, Nigeria
Alika, I. H