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International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance


 Volume 5,  Number 2,  August   2015       ISSN: 2141-6710


Enhanced Fishing Rights under the United Nations Law of the Sea Convention 1982: The Challenges Confronting Developing Countries
Iwunze, V.  I.

Women in the Parliament of Uganda (2001-2011): Issues and Legislations to Improve the Status of Women
Kakuba, S. J.

Contemporary Issues of Peace and Security in Plateau State, Nigeria: The Traditional and Political Perspectives
Gwaza, P. A.
Dakum, H. I.
Andrew Bogoro

Political and Administrative Dichotomy in the Local Government System in Nigeria: The Way Forward
Uduma, D. O.

Social Studies Education as a Tool for Checks and Balances to Political Irregularities and Franchise in Nigeria
Okogu, J. O.
Umudjere, S. O.

The Effect of Electoral Malpractices on the Sustenance of Democracy in Nigeria
Uduma, D. O.
Emerole, O. B.

Political Violence and Media Coverage in Nigeria: An Analysis of Nigerian Tribune and Punch Newspapers of 2011 General Elections in Osun State
Awofadeju P. O.
Adeyemo A. L.
Kwembili Christian
Adesanya Abayomi