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International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance


ISSN: 2141-6710
Volume 1, Number 1, April 2010 


Volume 1, Number 1, April 2010


Shareholders' Participation in the Affairs of Public Companies: An Insight
Lokulo-Sodipe, J.O

Democracy, Good Governance and Nation Building:  A Multi-Dimensional Approach
Atake, O. J; Dodo, W. A

The Recognition of the Human Rights of African Women
Sofa Adolfo

Retrospecting the Local Government System in Nigeria (1983 - 1993)
Erunke, C. E

Politics and the Nigerian Situation
Adegboyega, O. O

Implications of Ultra Vires Doctrine on Business Transaction in Nigeria
Sani Mohammed

Examination of Recent Trends in Corporate Governance as it affects the Majority Rule and the Minority Protection
Azu, U. E              

Local Government Autonomy in Nigeria:  Politics and Challenges of the 1999 Constitution
Asaju, K

Leadership and the Future of Uganda: Issues and Development
Mathias Tumwebaze

Veto Power as a Diplomatic Cover for National Interests of Bearing  Members in United Nations Security Council: Implications on the Management of Global Peace and Security
Kia, B., Ojie, P.A
Kidi, Z. D