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International Journal of Advanced Legal Studies and Governance


 Volume 3,  Number 1,   April   2012       ISSN: 2141-6710


The Pragmatic Nature of Private Defence under Criminal Jurisprudencein Nigeria
Akande, I. F.
Oji, S. I.

Evidentiary Presumption of Drinking and Driving Cases and the Suspects’ Right to Counsel under South African Law
Wium De Villiers

Twelve Years of Democracy in Nigeria and the Imperative for Rapid Development: The Journey So Far
Tunde Ajayi

Civil Society and Democratic Governance in Nigeria
Ibitoye, M. O.

Prosecuting Corruption and the Application of Plea Bargaining in Nigeria:  A Critique
Adeleke, G. O.

Oceans Policy as a Sustainable Tool for the Regulation of the Marine Environment
Akaso, A. A.

Good Governance: A Variable Tool for Nation Building in Nigeria
Akinlade M. T.
Igbalajobi Muiliu

Democracy and the Struggle for Political Empowerment of Women in Nigeria
Nelson, E. E. 

Legal Authority of Coastal States on the Interdiction of Foreign Vessels on the High Seas
Akaso, A. A.

Relationship between Environment, Ethical Values and the Nigerian Public Service
Ladipo, O. O.

African Union in the Maintenance of Peace and Security of African Countries: Challenges and Prospects
Wilson, O. S.

Legal Knowledge of Tort Liability for Teachers in the Nigerian Schools
Nakpodia, E. D.