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International Journal of Creativity and Technical Development


ISSN: 2141 - 6737 Volume 2, Numbers 1 - 3,   2010


The Relationship between Access, Possession and Public Value Perception of Modern Art Exhibit Visit in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria 
Umoanwan, U. E.

Limitations to Community Participation in Tourism Development Process in Kenya: A Case Study of Kakamega Forest National Reserve and the Adjacent Communities
Omondi  K.
Kamau  J.

Tourism Development and Promotion in Nigeria: Grassroots Responses on Imoleboja Rockshelter
Ajayi, O. 
Lawal, M. O.

Developing Rural   Based Tourism as a Strategy for Rural Development in Nigeria
Danglah,  D. G.

The Spatial Distribution, Analyses and Composition of Lakes as Ecotourism Potentials in Cross River State, Nigeria
Aniah,  E.  J.
Okim,  D.  O.
Eja,  E.  I.
Ushie,  M.  A.

Information and Communication Technology: A Panacea for Effective Technical Services in Nigeria Academic Libraries
Aina, A.  J.,
Aiyegunle, S.  A.
Ogunbgo, W.  O.
Aribatise, H. O.

Exposition of Architectural Sites and Monuments as Pearl of Tourism in Bauchi State, Nigeria
Waziri, S. G.
Osunkunle, A.

Prevailing Issues and Rate of Tourists Patronage of Historical Monument:   A Study of Badagry Slave Route and Relics in Nigeria
Ajayi Oluwole,
Lawal , M. O. ,
Omotayo, O.  L.
Kolawole, G.  T.
Adedamola, T.  A.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Graduate Unemployment in Nigeria: The 21st Century Challenges
Odufowokan   B. A.

Rural Transport Research, Development Footprints and Footsteps in South Africa:  A Case for Bisecting Technological Innovations and Socio-economic Development Mandates
James Chakwizira

Management of Technological Development through Manpower Training in Nigerian Industries
Benemone E. Osadi
Dibie Victor Monday