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International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment


ISSN: 2141-6729



Conjoint Analysis: A Strategic Tool for Product Research
Ighomereho, O. S.

Rural Transportation and Rural Development: The Instance of Akwapim South District in Ghana
Okoko, E.

The Effectiveness of Cost Benefit Analysis in Manufacturing Organizations: A Survey of Selected Manufacturing Organizations in Delta State
Orife, O. C.

Motorcycle Ban and its Economic Implications on Uyo Metropolis of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Ikot, A. S.
Akpan, U.
Benson, P. J.
Etim, O. P.

Cost of Electricity Load Shedding to Mines in Zimbabwe: Direct Assessment Approach  
Nyasha Kaseke
Stephen G. Hosking

The Contributions of Banks to Economic Development in Nigeria
Adewuyi, I. D.

The Balanced Scorecard:  The New Performance Management Paradigm for Nigerian Firms
Etim, R. S.
Iwora, G. A.

Internal Control and Fraud Prevention in Nigerian Business Organizations-A Survey of Some Selected Companies in Warri Metropolis
Ozigbo, S. A.
Orife C.

Management Information System as a Veritable Tool for a Sustainable Business Development and Growth in Commercial Banks in Delta State, Nigeria
Gambari, U.

Budget as an Instrument of Financial Control in Business Organisations-A Case Study of Beta Glass Plc, Ughelli, Delta State, Nigeria
Edafiaje, A L.

Managing Organizational Ineffectiveness: The Managerial Challenges
Okoh, L.
Onoriode, H.

Effective Financing and Management of Small Scale Businesses in Delta State, Nigeria: A Tool for Sustainable Economic Growth
Ewiwile, S.
Azu, B.
Owa, F.

Africa's Incorporation into the World Capitalist System: The Substantive Features and Issues
Tunde Ajayi

Impact Assessment of the Role of Microfinance Banks in Financing Small Scale Enterprises in Delta State, Nigeria
Edafiaje, A. L.

The Smithian Economic Thought: A Synthesis of Earlier Economic Views
Anwana, E.

The Relationship between Residential Land Prices and House Prices in Lagos State, Nigeria
Gambo, Y. L.
Nubi, T. G.

Family Size and its Socio-economic Implications on the Inhabitants of Delta State, Nigeria
Okogu, J.

Financing Small Scale Business Enterprises in Nigeria: A Review of the Problems and the Way Forward
Oboro, O. G.
Ighoroje, E. J.

The Place of Foreign Capital Flows in the Nigerian Economic Growth Equation: Evidence from Foreign Portfolio Investment
Olotu, M. E.
Jegbefume, K.

Competitive Intelligence and Marketing Effectiveness of Corporate Business Organizations in Nigeria
Egberi, A. K.
Okpako-Uyeh, I. O. B.