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International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment


ISSN: 2141-6729

VOLUME 4 NUMBER 2, Dec 2013 



Prioritizing Disaster Risk Reduction in Community Development: A Challenge for Social Workers in Botswana
Maripe, K.

The Role of Agriculture and Industrialization in Achieving a Virile Economic Growth and Actualizing the Vision 20-2020 in Nigeria
Azu, B.
Asakpa, B.
Ewiwile, S.

The Role of Archives in National Development: Nigeria National Archives in Perspective    
Yusuf, K. F.

Improving Critical Infrastructure for Sustainable Development in Nigeria towards the realization of Vision 20-2020
Uzoh, A. B.

Resource-Use Efficiency Irrigated Rice Production in Yobe State, Nigeria     
Daniel, E. J.
Godwin, S. E.

Adequate Accounting Records and the Growth of Small Scale Enterprises in Delta State, Nigeria
Aniefor, S. J.

Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in Nigeria, 1970 – 2011
Udokang, A. P.

Project Leadership: Panacea for National Economic Development in Nigeria
Akpanebu, I. J.
Olu-Gbo, T. S.