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International Journal of Engneering and Mathematical Intelligence


Volume 3 Number 3, December 2013

ISSN: 2276-8815


Probability-based Non-Linear Model: Approach to Population Forecasts forProper Development Planning in Nigeria
Ismaila, W. O.
Akinola, L. S.
Akinnuwesi, B. A.
Falohun, A. S.

Application of Affine Transformations in aMathematical Cartesian Coordinates for Java Students
Hieu Vu

Implementation of Hungarian Procedure Using C++(Case study of Dangote Flour Mills)
Ekpenyong, A. D.
Madu, I. M.
Usman, S.

Numerical Solution of Integral Equations ofSecond Kind Based on Sinc Collocation Method with a Variable Transformation
John, E. D.