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International Journal of Engneering and Mathematical Intelligence


Volume 5 Number 1 & 2, August 2018

ISSN: 2276-8815


A-Stable Order Eight Second Derivative Linear Multistep Methods for Solutions of Stiff Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs)
Omagwu Samson
Muhamad Shakur Ndayawo
TanimuAbdullahi Joseph

Effects of Radiation and Radial Magnetic Field on Steady Free Convection Flow in a Vertical Porous Concentric-Annular due to Convective Surface Boundary Condition
Anas Sani Maihulla

A Probability Model of a Family Using Branching Process in Relation to Poisson, Logarithmic and Negative Binomial Distribution
Bassa, ShiwayeYakura
Suleiman Mohammad Ismail

Design and Production of a Vertical Mobile Palm Fruit Digester
V. E. Aideloje
H. A. Okwudibe
S. Ososomi
A. A. Ainakhuagbor