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International Journal of Engneering and Mathematical Intelligence


Volume 2 Number 1 - 3, 2011.

ISSN: 2276-8815



Design and Simulation of Harmonic Filter Using Matlab® Software            
Ogundana E. O.

Reliability-based Capacty Rating of Wood Shear Walls under Seismic Loading
Kaura, J. M.
Afolayan J. O.

Comparative Study of Path Loss Models for Wireless Mobile Network Planning
Ogundapo, E. O.
Oborkhale, L. I.
Ogunleye,  S. B.

Utilization of Bagasse as Raw Material for the Production of Pulp and Paper Manufacture in Nigeria   
Ibrahim, H.
Bugaje, I. M.
Famuyide O. O.
Mohammed, I. A.

Effects of Candle Wax on the Physical Properties of Grade 80/100 Bitumen Used in Asphalt Road Pavements in Nigeria
Igwe, E. A,
Eme, D. B.

Computational Model for Transient Stability Analysis of Power System in Nigeria          
Chikezie, B. U.

On Close-to-Convex Function and Univalent Function
Akinola, A. D.
Ganiyu, M. A.