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ISSN: 2350-2150


 Volume 2,  Number 3,  December   2013       ISSN: 2350-2150


Awareness of the Forms, Symptom, Mode of Transmission and Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases among Adolescents in Kaduna State, Nigeria
Umma Abdulwahid
Yunusa Umaru

Measurements of Occipital Condyles using Computerised Tomography from Sokoto North West Nigeria
Bello, S. S.
Zagga, A. D.
Kalale, S. B.
Usman, J. D.
Bello, A.
Abdulhameed, A.
Bello, S. M.
Tadros, A. A.

Effects of Play Therapy and Self-Disclosure Skill Training in the Management of Social Anxiety of Primary School Children in Ibadan, Nigeria
Salami, S. O.
Killian, O. P.
Okoiye, O. E.

Counselling as an Instrument for Reconstruction, Social Re-Orientation and Improved Quality of Life of  Patients in the Hospitals  
Adebisi, K. F.

Public Health and Physiological Implications of Dust Assaults on the People living in the Dry Belt Zone of Nigeria
Yahi, D.
Ojo, N. A.
Ngulde, S. I.
Dibila, H. M.
Telta, A. D.
Sambo, N.
Sanni, S.
Sodipo, O. A.
Madziga, H. A.
Mbaya, Y. P.
Simon, J
Sandabe, U. K.

Implications of Routine Nurses Home Visit on the Health Recovery, Well-Being and Patients Quality of Life

Olufunke, O. J.