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International Journal of Water & Soil Resources Research


ISSN: 2276-8823,         Volume 1;    Numbers 1 - 3,   2010


Domestic Water Use in Selected Settlements in the Sudano-Sahelian Region of Nigeria
Ndabula, C.
Jidauna, G. G.

Littoral Microcrustacean in Cross River Estuary, Nigeria: Ecological Assessment
Etim, V.  B.
Okon,  S.  U.
Udom,  P.  S.

Trace Metals Analysis of River Amba in Lafia, Nasarawa  State, Nigeria
Usman,  A.
Itodo, A. U.
Audu, S. S.

Effects of the Root Debris of Tithonia diversifolia on the Growth of Zea mays in South-Western Nigeria
Ilori, O. J.
Ilori, O. O.
Olajuyigbe,  A. O.
Sanni,  R. O.

Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Tissues of Periwinkles (Tympanotonus fuscatus) from Warri River in Nigeria
Nwabueze, A. A.
Nwabueze, E. O.
Okonkwo, C. N.

Water Stress Pattern in the Lake Chad Basin Region (1960 - 2002): Implications on the Livelihood of the People
Dami,  A.
Garba, S. S.
Ayuba, H. K.

Alarming Fluoride Concentrations of Water Samples from Boreholes in Bama Community and Remediation with Moringa oleifera
Daniel I. Bdliya
Agho, M. O.

Pattern of Domestic Water Supply in Ugbokolo Community in Benue State, Nigeria
Aper, J. A.
Agbehi, S. I.

Total and Extractable Iron and Manganese in Soils Developed on Charnockite in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Shittu, O. S.
Ogunwale, J. A.
Ayodele, O. J.

 Implication of Reduced Soil pH on Sustainable Food Production in Omoku Community of Rivers State, Nigeria-A Comparative Analysis of the pH of Natural and Chemical Fertilizer-enriched Soils
Dirisu, C. G.
Alao, A. A.

Environmental Consequences of Rainfall Variability and Deforestation in Southeastern Nigeria
Ogbuene, E. B.

Effects of Soil Erosion on Water Sources in the Northeastern Enugu State, Nigeria: A Review
Eze, H. I.