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Journal of Communication and Culture


Volume 6, Number 2, AUGUST 2015

ISSN: 2141 – 2758


The Need, the Costs and Choice of a National Language in Nigeria
Olatayo, O. F.

Imperative of Communication Strategy to Farmers in the Adoption and Decision Processes of Disseminating Information on Agricultural Products in Africa
Nwankwo, O. C.

Nigeria’s External Affairs Relations: A Historical Discourse

Uduma, D. O.
Nwosu, C. O.

The Role of Libraries in Bridging Digital Divide and Creating Information Society in Nigeria

Adigun, T. A.

Contrasting English Phonology and Nigerian English Phonology
Saleh, A. J.
Rinji, D. N.

Impact Assessment of Globalization on the Development of Democratic Culture in Nigeria
Uduma, D. O.

Intrigue of Press Freedom and Journalistic Apprehension in Nigeria
Awofadeju, P. O.
Adeyemo, L. A.
Kwembili Christian