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Journal of Chemical, Mechanical and Engneering Practice


ISSN: 2141 - 6753

Volume 2 NumberS 3, December 2012


Ground Tire Chips Influence on the Rheological Properties of Grade 60/70 Bitumen used in Flexible Road Pavements
Igwe, E. A.
Nwaobakata, C.
Eme, D. B.

Compressive Strength and Costs of Sandcrete Blocks and Blocks Made with Quarry Dust in Nigeria: A Case Study of Abakaliki Quarry
Ikechukwu, U. F.

Effects of Chemical Additives on the Production of Structural Brick for Construction Works
Okeniyi, A. G.
Adeniji, S. O.
Dahunsi,  B. I. O.

Developing a Functional Light-emitting Diode (Led) Indicator in a Heat Controlled Environment
Eguzo C. V.
Igweonu E. I.
Robert B. J.

Correlation between Fan Blade Diameter and Heat Dissipation Area of Radiator
Lateef I. A.

Sodium Benzoate and Bitumen Coatings as Inhibitors of Corrosion Deterioration of Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Steel: Comparative Assessment
Guma, T. N.
Madakson, P. B. 
Yawas, D.S. 
Aku, S.Y.

The Application of Differential Equations in Environmental Management and Sustenance in Nigeria
Umoh, E. S.

The Use of Sawdust and Palm kernel Shell as Substitute for Fine and Coarse Aggregates in Concrete Construction in Developing Countries
Usman, N. D.
Idusuyi, F. I.
Ojo, E. B.
Simon, B.