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Journal of Enviromental Issues & Agriculture in Developing Countries


ISSN: 2141-2731


Factors and Rate of Gully Erosion in Gombe Town, Gombe State, Nigeria                     
Mbaya, L. A.

Petroleum Exploitation and Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Labour Output in the Rural Economy of Delta State, Nigeria
Igben, J. L.

Climate Change: Causes and Effects on African Agriculture
Sodangi I. A.
Izge, A. U.
Maina, Y. T.

Post-harvest Storage and Spoilage of Cassava Tubers (Manihot spp) Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria                      
Udoudoh, P. J.

Environmental Sustainability: The Challenge for the Rural Women in Nigeria
Aluko, T.

Effects of Season and Sex on the Body Morphometrics, Heat Tolerance and Faecal Egg Counts of West African Dwarf (Wad) Goats
Adedeji, T. A.
Ozoje, M. O.
Peters, S. O.
Ojedapo, L. O.
Sanusi, A. O.

Effects of Raw, Cooked and Defatted Melon Seeds on Performance Characteristics and Mineral Retention of Broiler Chickens
Akanji, A. M.

Heavy Metal Concentration in Some Fishes in Lake Chad
Bdliya, D. I.
Tagi, D.

Effects of Population Density and Storage Duration on The Development of Callosobruchus Subinnotatus in Stored Bambara Groundnut (Vigna Subterranean (L.) Verdcourt) with Different Levels of Infestation
Maina, Y. T.
Degri, M. M.
Sharah, H. A.

Soil Pollution From Vehicular Lead Emission In Enugu South Local Government Area Of Enugu State, Nigeria
Eze, H. I.

Water Transfer Methods in Response to Water Demand for Agricultural Practice at Chanchaga River and Tagwai Dam in Niger State, Nigeria
Musa, J. J.
Saba, V.
Effluent Discharge and Some Pollutant Sources in the Bank of Warri River in Delta State, Nigeria        
Aghoghovwia, O. A.

Quality Characteristics of Cheese Produce from Three Breeds of Cattle in Nigeria
Yunusa, A. J.

Application of Meteorology and Weather Prediction in the Sustainable Environmental Quality in Nigeria
Ojo, M. O.
Olanusi, O. B.
Akinnubi, R. T.

Groundwater Quality at Idu Uruan Water Headwork and Adjoining Environment in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Ukpong, E. C.

Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Maize Production Using Parametric and Non-parametric Methods in Oyo State, Nigeria
Ogunniyi, L. T.
Ajao, A. O.

Processed African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa) in Broiler Feeding: Performance Characteristics and Nutrient Utilization
Emiola, I. A.

Chemical Composition, Acceptability of Three Tephrosia Species and Use of Tephrosia Purperea as Supplement for Grazing Animals in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
Mbomi, S. E.
Ogungbesan, A. M.
Babayemi, O. J.
Nchinda, V. P.

Response of Subcutaneous Administration of Different Doses of Aqueous Extract of Datura Stramonium Linn Seeds on Liver Enzymes
Fatoba, T. A.
Adeloye, A. A.
Soladoye, A. O.

Meat Characteristics of African Antelope (Antilope cervicapra) in Ago-iwoye Area of  Ogun State, Nigeria
  Apata, E. S.
Eniolorunda, O. O.
Ajayi, K. I.
Okubanjo, A.O.