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Journal of Enviromental Issues & Agriculture in Developing Countries


ISSN: 2141-2731



Economic Implications of Dust Assaults on Humans and Animals exposed to Environmental Hazards due to Air Pollution in the Dry Belt Zone of Nigeria
Yahi, D.,
Ojo, N. A.,
Ngulde, S. I.,
Telta, A. D.,
Dibila, H. M.
Sambo, N.,
Sanni, S.,
Sodipo, O. A.,
Madziga, H. A.,
Mbaya, Y. P.,
Simon, J
Sandabe, U. K.

Socio-Economic Characteristics of Food Crop Farmers and their Perception of Environmental Problems in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Osundare F. O.
Adekunmi A. O.

Fishing as a Source of Livelihood and Sustainable Growth in a Resettlement Scheme: The Case of Bakassi Resettlement Programme in Cross River State, Nigeria
Isokon, B. E.
Ekeh, J. E.
Icha, C. I.

Evaluation of Semen Quality of Five Different Cockerel Breed used in Poultry Industry in Nigeria
Ameen, S. A.
Opayemi, O. S. 
Ajayi , J. A.
Adediwura, M. A.

Traffic Demands and Delays on Lagos - Ikorodu Road in Nigeria
Ibrahim–Adedeji, K. B.

Effect of Nitrogen and Spacing on Yield and Yield Attributes of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) (Thumb Mest.) and their Interactions in Bauchi
Umaru, M. A.

The Influence of Rural Group Organization in Agricultural and Rural Transformation of South East Nigeria
Njoku J. i. k.
Echetama, J. a.

The Role of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in National Economic Development in Nigeria
Akpanebu, I. J.
Olu–Gbo, T. S.

Structure and Profitability Differentials among Fishermen in Kwara State, Nigeria
Oladimeji, Y. U.
Omokore, D. F.
Abdulsalam, Z.
Damisa, M. A.

Migration of Housing from Traditional/Cultural Architecture to the Modern Style and its Significance in the Urban Development of Mubi Town in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Hashim, A.
Waziri, H. I.
Rabiu, M. U.
Suleman, A.

Comparison of Height Differences obtained from Automatic, Digital and Tilting Level Instruments        
Adewale Adebayo
Emenari, U. S.
Uwaezuoke, I. C.

Proximate Analysis and Phytochemicals of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) Plant Bark
Olubiyi, E. O.
Ukozor, A. U. C. 
Monday, A. I.