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Journal of Research in Education and Society

ISSN: 2141 – 6753

Journal of Research in Education and Society
Volume 11, Number 2, August 2020
ISSN: 2141-6753



Demographic Predictors of Teacher Education Students’ Self-efficacy and Self-regulation in Tarlac Agricultural University, Philippines
Rene G. Nanit

Public Spending in Education Sector and Poverty Level in Nigeria
Okowa I. Okowa
Adamgbo, S. L. C.

Perception of Teachers and Supervisors on English MM Publications Series for the Intermediate School in the Light of the Curriculum Document in the City of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Ibtisam Bin-Nahth

Kindergarten Pupils’ Birth Order and Achievement in Domains of Early Childhood Development  inCamiling Central District of Philippines
Rene G. Nanit

The Development of Mathematical Science and Application to Practical Human Needs
Dunya, Thlawur