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Journal of Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology in Practice


 ISSN: 2141-274X

Volume 3,  Number 2,  August 2011


Role of Traditional African Moral Values in the Development of Nigeria
Ushe, M. U.

HIV/AIDS Scourge: The Consequence for the Actions of Humans as Social Beings
Nnoruga, T. N.

Breast Feeding and Weaning Pattern of Infants amongst Chamba and Fulani Tribes in Ganye Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria
Wabalba, E.

Indecent Dressing and Sexual Harassment among Undergraduates of Nasarawa State University, Keffi       Chukwudi, F.
Gbakorun, A. A.

Measured Influence of Gender and Psychological Factors on the Academic Self-concept of Senior Secondary School Students in Ibadan, Nigeria
Okoiye, O. E.

Improving Workplace Effectiveness through Sound Organisational Norms and Workers Behaviour
Ekanem, D. J.
Ekanem, U.

The Philosophical Variations of the Message of the Eighth Century Prophets in the Life of Ancient Israel: Lessons for Contemporary Prophets
Theodore U. Dickson

 Influence of Teachers' Participation in Decision Making on Their Morale in Secondary Schools in Abraka Metropolis of Delta State, Nigeria
Nakpodia, E. D.

Relationship between HIV Status and Self-concept, Academic Performance, Behavioural Attitudes among Pupils in Selected Primary Schools, Nairobi-west, Kenya
Ndivo, S. M.
Gatumu, H. N. 
Oyugi, E. O.

Sex Differences in Relation to Interpersonal Perceptions in Academic Performance           
Otong, I. G..

Peace Education and Youth Restiveness in the Niger Delta of Nigeria
Iwok, J. C.

Religious Crises in Nigeria: Manifestation, Effect and the Way Forward
Nwaomah, S. M.

Dietary Regulations and Restrictions: A Judeo-Islamic Critique
Akinwumi O. S.