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Journal of Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology in Practice


 ISSN: 2141-274X

Journal of Sociology, Psychology and Anthropology in Practice 
Volume 5,  Number 1,  April 2013


Youth Participation in Social Media and Political Attitudes in Nigeria
Dagona, Z. K.
Karick, H.
Abubakar, F. M.

Effects of Emotional Intelligence and Self-efficacy Training on Work Stress of Junior Police Officers in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Okoiye, O. E.
Ikpeazu, V. A
Ohizu, E. C.

The Application of Conscious Moral Disposition to Enhance Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria
Ekiugbo, U. E.
Isanbor, P. O.

Motivation as a Correlate of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Teachers' Productivity in Edo and Delta States of Nigeria
Iyeke, P. O.

Depression, Stress Differential and Social Support among Catholic Religious in Nigeria
Karick, H.
Dagona, Z. K
Abangom, R. J.
Onuchi, J. O.

Peer Influence, Perceived Self-Efficacy, Family Style and Parental Monitoring as Correlates Affecting Bullying Behaviour Among In-School Adolescents in South-West Nigeria
Hammed, A.
Odedare, M. A.
Okoiye, O. E.

Indoctrination as a Methodology of Social Enlightenment in Nigeria
Fasuyi, A. O.
Isanbor, P. O.

Socialization and Religious Indoctrination in Nigeria: Implications for Peaceful Co-existence
 Ushe, M. U.