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Reading in Education, Development & Globalization

ISBN: 978-978-50236-4-0



This book, “Readings in Education, Development and Globalization” was conceived in early 2009 and published two years later. It is terrifically amazing that a lot has been done throughout the period. Many reviews, recasts and revisions were necessary to maintain the required academic standard of a book of this nature. This demanded close co-operation between the authors, reviewers and the editors. Patience had to be exercised, and the courage of understanding invoked.

This maiden and very rich edition of the Readings has accepted intellectual property in diverse areas of specialization. The published articles are of quality in terms of scope and contents. The articles are original and innovative, written in scholarly acceptable English. The empirical results of the studies are uniquely focused on the problems confronting the emerging global society. The findings are described in terms intelligible to professional and non-professional as well as expert and non-expert readers. They have pooled and integrated required information from personal experiences, researches, professionals' publications, academic sources; as well as contribute meaningfully to the development and advancement of knowledge.

Nevertheless, in an advancement of this scenery, the efforts of many contributors are required. We thank our numerous authors not only for their resourcefulness, in spite of bombarding them with numerous queries and editorial comments, but also for the dispatch with which they corrected proofs. Our thanks also go to the members of staff of the technical unit of ICIDR Publishing House, Ikot Ekpene for helping in the formatting, and for other technicalities that give this book its unique refinement. We are very grateful to all those who, in one way or another have assisted in the production of this work. May God bless you all!

Etim, P. E., Ph.D
Director, Education and Training
International Centre for Integrated Development Research