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Reading in Education, Development & Globalization

ISBN: 978-978-50236-4-0



Approaches for Enhancing Private Sector Participation in the Funding of Secondary Schools in Delta State, Nigeria
Nakpodia, E. D.

Total Quality Management in Nigerian Polytechnics in the 21st Century: Issues and Challenges
Ugbomhe, O. U.
Ogie, D. O.

Library User Education Programme in Nigerian Universities: A Case Study of Lagos State University, Ojo
Akalumhe, K. O.

Sport - Based Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development in Nigerian Universities
Dada, O. B

Globalization Move towards Igbo Music Instruments Construction and Performance for Communication Utility
Okoro, J. C.

Creative Writing as a Driving Force in the Making of a Society
Saleh, G. U.

Optical Glass Components Contribution to Global Telecommunication Development
Koreyo, V. D.

Internet Security: The Role of Firewall System
Okumoku-Evroro Oniovosa

The Need for a Functional Library Instruction Programme in Colleges of Education in Nigeria
Adung, D. A.

Preservation and Conservation of Information Bearing Materials
Adeleke, O.
Okusaga, T.
Lateef, E. B.

Implication of Globalization on Youth Literacy and Development of Secondary School Students in Nigeria
Omirin, M. S.
Faremi, Y. A.

Information and Communication Technology and Security Matters: Maritime Piracy in Contemporary Africa
Uadiale, M.
Anegbode, J. E.
Yonmo, E.

Implication of Applying the Principles of Equity and Management by Objectives on National Development: The Nigerian Context
Adigun, A. O.
Okoiye, O. E.

Information and Communication Technology and the 20th Century Libraries and Future Librarians in Nigeria
Bello, A. S.

Globalization of Cooperative Organizations: A Challenge on Cooperative Principles
Ajayi,   J. K.
Olakunle, M. K.   
Ahmed, J. A.

Social Studies Education as an Antidote to Corruption among Political Class in Nigeria
Okogu, J.