Welcome to International Centre for Integrated Development Research


International Centre for Integrated Development Research (ICIDR)
Publishing House was established in 2007 by sagacious individuals,
committed to the development of the people of the third world nations
through fundamental and applied research, advance training, law
review, policy analysis, public education and project management.

The Centre undertakes independent researches funded by research councils, assumes responsibility to research on some topical issues of particular interest to some commercial clienteles as well as funding projects in core areas that are relevant to the enhancement of lives, society, economy, technology, governance and democratization, human right, law review; peace and security, gender and environmental issues and development.

It offers general and technical assistance to all categories of researchers to ensure a demonstrable advancement of knowledge. In this regard, the Centre assists in capacity building for integrated development through the application of research to problems of development and management practice as well as public policy confronting less developed nations. The Centre explores development trends in the areas where abnormality exists between needs and resources.

It collaborates with individuals, institutions, non-governmental organizations, government and private agencies to improve life in the less developed nations by providing a forum for policy formulation, dialogue, the exchange of operational experiences, ideas, knowledge, lessons learnt and suggestions made for pilot activities. Also, the Centre focuses on the provisions of technical services and support to institutions and community based projects. Its research findings and results, programmes and activities are used by individuals, organizations, governments, action-groups and international agencies.

Our Vision is to be the world largest institution that promotes excellence in the practice of research and management that will ensure functionality and continuity in areas that meet the contemporary emerging society.

The objects for which the organization is established are:

To train, develop and equip members of the public/private sector with skills necessary to function optimally; and to provide capacity building opportunities for professionals and non-professionals, scholars and researchers as well as students to function in senior management positions.

To promote and enter into affiliation with institutions of higher learning and other Research Centres nationally and internationally for the purpose of research, development and management as well as providing professional and academic advice to development planners, analysts, scholars, students, researchers, academia, government and the people of the third world countries.

To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, symposia and public education, and to produce high quality and relevant working papers and publications in form of journals, textbooks, compendium, magazines and other forms of supplementary reading materials as means of disseminating information to the general public.

To undertake feasibility study on areas of development of lives and property of the people in the emerging global environment, and to conduct research of all ramifications, collate, scrutinize and publish research materials that benefits are to be derived, contributions will make to the development and advancement of knowledge.

To promote and serve as advisory institution on research, development and management matters and to collaborate with other professional bodies and higher institutions to train and equip unemployed graduates on the employable skills for self reliance. And to do all such other things as may be considered to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

The Centre seeks suitable individuals and research fellows to set up research network on the aspects of its research programs and activities. It has full time workers, visiting research fellows and consultants across the world. The Centre has two Boards working in close relationship for the smooth running of its Programmes and Activities. These are the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors.