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Journal of Research in Education and Society

ISSN: 2141 – 6753

Volume 3, Number 3, December 2012



Total Quality Management in Academic Library: The Perception and Expectation of Graduate Students of the University of Ghana, Legon
Daniel Opoku

Examination Malpractices and Students’ Poor Performance in Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations in Nigeria
Boris, O. O.                              
Awodun, A. O.

Evaluation Techniques as Component of Teachers’ Competencies for the Teaching of Social Studies in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions
Okogu, J. O.

Utilization of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) at the Lagos State Polytechnic Library in Nigeria
Yusuf, K. F.

Relative Effectiveness of Two Summary-skill Techniques on Secondary School Students' Achievement in Summary Writing in Ibadan Metropolis
Ayanniyi, M.  A.

Effects of Cooperative Learning and Contingency Contracting on Mathematics Achievement of Pupils with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Delta State, Nigeria
Asamaigo, E. E.
Okoiye, O. E.

Imperatives of Developing Arabic Language as a second Language at the Pre-Primary school Level in Nigeria
Adeyemi, K. A.

Educational Quality Improvement in Nigeria: Interventions, Challenges and the Way Forward
Odiba, A. I.

Eliminating Terrorism and Sustaining Democracy in Nigeria
Akinlade, M. T.
Ibitoye, M.O.

Entrepreneurship Education: Panacea for Self-reliance and Job Creation in Nigeria
Beetseh, K.
Ahima, S. E.

Relevance and Analysis of the Terminologies as Specialized Registers at Tshivenda Male Initiation Schools in South Africa
Musehane, N. M.